Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Welcome to the Star Base Andromeda Book Discussions Blog!

Star Base Andromeda is Lincoln, NE's long-running SF/Fantasy club -- we're actually interested in a whole lot more than just those two main genres, but they'll suffice for the moment.

Our website started up a few years ago, and we used a package of discussion forum software to post threads where members (and visitors) could leave comments about books which we'd read as part of our ongoing "Book Discussion" meetings (where everyone tried to read the same book and discuss it at a particular meeting). Due to one thing or another, that discussion forum software ultimately went away and we shifted our e-mail list from a mostly private listserv to Yahoo!Groups.

We've since been thinking of options for returning our Book Discussions to an electronic format, where they wouldn't get buried in the day-to-day minutiae of meeting schedules, and news announcements. Two ideas took the forefront -- a separate Yahoo!Group just for Book Discussion comments, and a blog, where the comments could be threaded. We're not completely committed to using one or the other, but we're going to experiment with this Blog format first.

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